ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

Sorry for no post yesterday (and not much of one on Wednesday), but we have had company, and Beth needed the computer for work, and you don't care anyway, do you?

Detective Comics #831 -- I don't care much for Batman, but this issue features a Harley Quinn story by her creator
kingofbreakfast, so that's got to be worth a look.  And it is not a bad story, although I'm not sure if reforming Harley is really the way to go (but that's probably just setup for some larger story, I hope).  And a question -- do state mental institutions really have parole board-like panels that decide if patients should be released?

TMNT April Movie Prequel 4 of 5 -- An April O'Neil comic book?  well, I have fond memories of the previous two April O'Neil comics, so I tried it.  It's not bad, and it has some good points to make about the down side of Indiana Jones-style archeology, but it's mainly just a teaser for the movie (which I do want to see, so that's OK). 

This week's cheap back issue:
Josie #39 (February 1969) -- More late-sixties Josie goodness!  The cover is pretty lame however, redeemed only by Clyde's attempt to ski in the background...

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