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OK, I broke one of the rules of convention-going -- always bring lots of money.  We went to Majesticon today, and Al Feldstein was there at an autograph table, but autographs were $20.  I could have just covered that, but without any money to buy anything else.  And like I said, I'm not good interacting with guests one-on-one at an autograph table anyway.

So what did I get?

I got Mad #171 for $5. I bought it for Al to autograph, before I realized how much the autographs cost.  Also, if I had gotten an autograph I would have gotten a free print for him to sign, so I didn't need this anyway.  But isn't that a great cover?

I picked up some $2 action figures:
Rebecca Cunningham from TaleSpin
Princess Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Dale Arden from Flash Gordon (the 1990s animated version)
Trixie from Speed Racer

I also got some cheap 3-for-$2 comics:
Gen13 #26 (Feb 1998)
Gen13 #27 (Mar 1998)
Gen13 #28 (Apr 1998)
Gen13 #29 (May 1998)
Gen13 #30 (Jun 1998)
Gen13 #31 (Jul 1998)
Gen13 #32 (Aug 1998)
Gen13 #35 (Nov 1998)
#36 (Dec 1998)
#37 (Mar 1999)
Jughead Annual #1 (1953) -- It is in terrible, incomplete shape.  But for 66¢, I couldn't pass it up
Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #151 (Jul 1972)

I also got two of this Disney pin for $1:  Kodak Patriotic Series (Goofy Playing Fife).  Good for pin trading!

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