ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

A day late... only two this week...

52 Week Forty-Seven -- After last week's straight-ahead action, another week of moving all the players into place for the finale.But there's still a lot of interesting stuff happening along the edges, including Buddy Baker learning to travel the way the sun eaters do.
Heroes for Hire #8 -- Suddenly, a new writer has come in and finished the previous writer's story, so everything ends kinda perfunctory.  A whole new creative team starts next issue -- I'll check it out, but I don't expect to buy it...

This week's cheap back issue:
Josie #38 (December 1968) -- Yes, I'm continuing with "Josie: the Didit years".  This is pretty good stuff -- I love the strange way the Josie/Clyde relationship is developing; they aren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but Clyde sure wants to be, and Josie is certainly enjoying being chased!  This is also the issue that Dan DeCarlo guest-stars in, as another victim of Melody...

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