ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

It's new comics day!

52 Week Forty-Six -- The plot is barreling along now, with Black Adam against the mas scientists of Oolong Island.
The Brave and the Bold #2 --  This issue starring Green Lantern and Supergirl.  Mark Waid does a great job finding a way to present the current alienated teen Supergirl without turning off the audience.
The Spirit #4 -- The Spirit and CIA agent Silk Satin are chained together in the Mexican desert, trying to survive and get back to America (and away from The Octopus).  This comic is fun and beautiful.  I hope Darwin Cooke can stick with it for the long run....

This week's cheap back issue:
Josie #37 (October 1968) --  I really enjoyed Josie #36 from last week, so I am continuing in that vein.  The Josie stories from this period are almost plotless, flowing from gag to gag in a surreal way that's very different from the Archie comics at the same time (or now).  And Clyde Didit, despite his stupid name, is a timely addition to the cast and is not just a platform to make fun of hippies.

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