ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday (continued)

I picked up some more new comics yesterday:

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
#83 -- Sabrina is studying magic again, so her aunts send her to a tutor who is a cross between Yoda and Santa Claus.
Thunderbolts #112 --  I have come to the conclusion that the current Thunderbolts are such over-the-top fascists that the present status quo can't be maintained, and the writer knows it.  So something is going to happen by the end of this first storyline to make the team more palatable.  If I'm wrong, not sticking around past then...
Thunderbolts Present: Zemo - Born Better #2
Wonder Woman #5 -- A fill-in issue, but not too badly done.  Does anyone know who the retired supervillain "Joey" is supposed to be?
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