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Proof of concept

So this is what the list of Companies & Brands in the Archie Universe that I talked about yesterday might look like.  If I were to do such a thing.  Which I probably wouldn't.  But you never know.

I found these all in one digest!  Note that I added Archie's patented barely-disguised celebrities too...

List of companies, brands, organizations, entertainments, fictional characters, celebrities, etc. in the Archie Universe(s)

Companies & Brands

89 Flavors -- An ice cream shop in Riverdale.  Part of a chain?  It's not clear if 89 Flavors is the store's name or just a prominent slogan.  Based on Baskin-Robins (with their famous "31 Flavors").  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17 (R)

Chocklit Shoppe, The -- A malt shop and diner in Riverdale.  Has appeared in many many stories, as it is the favorite hangout of Archie and his friends.  Owned by Pop Tate.

Gran'ma Jones Chocolate Shop -- A candy store in Riverdale.  Apparently no relationship to Jughead Jones. Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17

Nosher Chocolate Company -- A candy company know for their boxed chocolate candies.  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17


Etruscan Vase Society -- Organization for collectors of Etruscan vases.  Mr. Lodge is a member.  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17 (R)

Entertainments and Fictional Characters

Green Antler, The -- A comic book super hero.  Created by Hugh Kendraw.  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17

Human Brick, The -- A comic book super hero.  Created by Hugh Kendraw.  Reminiscent of the Thing.  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17

Rat Girl -- A comic book super hero.  Created by Hugh Kendraw.  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17

So You Wanna Be a Super Hero?  -- A TV reality show.  Hosted by Hugh Kendraw.  Based on Who Wants to Be a Superhero?  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17


Kendraw, Hugh -- Comic book writer and reality show host.  Creator of the Green Antler, the Human Brick and Rat Girl.  Host of So You Wanna Be a Super Hero?  Based on Stan Lee.  Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #17


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