ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Interesting details or boring minutia?

Over at the Absorbascon, Scipio made a recent post about how he'd like to see an online database of companies and brands in the DC Universe. Why? Because having the various characters of the DC Universe patronize the same fast food chain (Big Belly Burger) or drink the same soda (Soder or maybe Zesti) is a neat way of world building, of reminding the reader of the shared universe without having to drag in Green Lantern for a guest appearance.

If such a thing existed, I'd contribute. In fact, I've had the thought somewhere in the back of my head for years to do a similar project for Archie Comics. Does anyone else find that at all interesting? I might just start it as a post in my journal that I keep adding to (like my "Comic Book Writers & Artists on LiveJournal" post), and see how it goes...
Tags: archie brands

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