ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Kim Possible

So, who watched the season premiere of Kim Possible last night?  We were out at a Sweetwater Mojo concert, but I recorded the four episodes, and am halfway thru watching them now.  They are pretty good; the romance between Kim and Ron has revitalized the writing instead of sending it into a corner.  Altho ending the first episode with a "jumping the shark" joke seems to be tempting fate...

These episodes seem to be about setting up the new status quo for this season -- The Kim/Ron relationship is underlined and highlighted (for those who didn't see the movie) and so is the supersuit, Ron & Kim get jobs, the third episode (which I just started watching) shows that Jim and Tim are now in high school, and I suppose that the car in the second episode is explained somewhere too (I don't think they are showing them in order).

So, I'm going to go finish watching now!
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