ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Children of Men

Last night we went to Chedd's Gourmet Grilled Cheese for supper, then saw Children of Men at the dollar theater

Children of Men is one of those science-fiction movies where the creators really get what science-fiction is and how to use it.  It's set in 2027, and the whole world is gripped in despair because no children have been born in 18 years.  Most of the planet is pretty badly off (wars, anarchy, general societal collapse), but the UK has held it together better than most.  Sure, there's rampant suicide, religious cultism and armed opposition groups, but the biggest problem is the fact that the rest of the world now wants to come to Britain, and Britain has went to ugly extremes to keep them out.

In this dire world, our hero is Theo Faron, an ordinary office worker who is dragged into a plot to smuggle a miraculously-pregnant woman (Kee) out of Britain to the relative safety of a secretive group of scientists.  Needless to say, quite a few interests want Kee for their own ends, and the journey takes many twists and turns.

This is a thrilling chase film, but fairly grim too.  What impressed me the most, however, is the commitment to this future world throughout the whole movie.  Everything grows from the premise -- from the abandoned elementary school to the fact that almost everyone has pets, it all makes sense.

So I highly recommend this movie, and the fact that it is already in the dollar theaters means you better go see it soon...
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