ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

Just two new comics today:

52 Week Thirty-Nine
-- This week the main focus is on the Lex Luthor plotline, and it's not looking good for Natasha -- well, I guess a super-powered Lex Luthor is not good for anyone in the long term, but it's bad for Nat right now...
Comics Revue #249 -- This is a magazine-sized comic that reprints a month or so of many classic comic strips.  For example, this issue features Modesty Blaise, Gasoline Alley (from 1979), Flash Gordon (1961), Steve Canyon (1968), King Aroo (1952), Little Orphan Annie (1939), The Phantom (1939), Alley Oop (1937), Tarzan, Rick O'Shay (1965) and Buzz Sawyer (1958)!  I knew it was still going, but I haven't bought (or seen) and issue in years and years...

For cheap back issues, the comic book store just put out a box of 50¢ Archie digests!  I picked out:

Laugh Digest Magazine #133 (April 1997)
Laugh Digest Magazine #153 (November 1999)
Laugh Digest Magazine #156 (May 2000)
Laugh Digest Magazine #163 (February 2001)

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