ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

I picked up only a couple of new comics today:

52 Week Thirty-Eight -- If you have given up on 52 in the past few months, when it had slowed down, come back!  It's moving forward at a great pace now...
Heroes for Hire
#6 -- It's got the Headmen, of course I'm gonna buy it!

And I took another swipe at the 6 for $5 sale to get my cheap back issues (haven't read any of these yet):

Hawkgirl #52 (July 2006)
Hawkgirl #53 (August 2006) -- I've been somewhat intrigued by the "1 Year Later" Hawkgirl title, so why not pick some up on sale?
Mangaphile #2 (October 1999)
Mangaphile #4 (February 2000)
More Fund Comics (September 2003) -- a big thick anthology comic, originally done to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Thunderbolts #81 (September 2003)  -- Bought solely for the cover

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