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Stupid Questions in the Sunday Magazines

When I read the Sunday newspaper, one thing I always do is read the "ask a gossip columnist" features in the Sunday magazines (Parade and USA Weekend). Why do I bother? Because, between the two of them, there is always one Stupid Question. What do I mean? Well, there's several kinds of Stupid Questions in these things, but here's yesterday's example from the "Who's News" column by Lorrie Lynch in USA Weekend:

Stars James Roday and Dulé Hill of USA Network's Psych are the most talented actors since Bruce Willis in Moonlighting. What do you know about them?

Now at its heart, this question is just "Please tell me something about James Roday and Dulé Hill," which isn't stupid (and I'm sure Lorrie Lynch loves it because she doesn't have to research a specific query). But they way it was asked! This person just revealed:

1. They thought that Bruce Willis was doing some great acting in Moonlighting.

2. No one since (in TV or movies) has done better.

3. James Roday and Dulé Hill come the closest to Bruce Willis's heights.

Now I really dug Moonlighting, and Bruce Willis's performance was very good, but the best acting of the last 20 years? Really? And second place is the goofball from Psych and his sidekick?


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Jan. 23rd, 2007 02:41 pm (UTC)
And that's why the People's Choice Awards suck - because people are nuts! I remember the year the "people" voted Roseanne Barr Best "all around" performer. Let's see... she had a tv show, and... um, wait a second shouldn't they do at least *two* things to qualify for "all around". (Maybe they thought it was "all *round*")

Mr. Burns: "I keep telling you Smithers, democracy doesn't work!"
Feb. 19th, 2007 07:56 am (UTC)
I've never voted for the People's Choice Awards! Therefore, I can ignore it, and I do...

Seriously, how does one vote for the People's Choice Awards? Is there a website or something?
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