ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday (continued...)

I got some additional new comics today (not all from this week, but still pretty new):

Archie & Friends #106 --  The Katy Keene story (which is why I buy this comic now that Josie has apparently been dropped) is nothing special.  It focuses on Katy and Mackenzie's relationship, which isn't that interesting.  But I do have to say something about the lead story, which features Archie and Chuck solving a mystery at Riverdale's new monster museum, and introduces Riverdale High's goths -- writer George Gladir must have only a vague idea what a goth is, and artist Stan Goldberg has obviously never seen one...
Boneyard #23 --  Abbie's still suffering the effects of whatever was put in her drink, and Michael must call in the reserves to sober her up before she fatally embarrasses them all.  A very cute issue.
Thunderbolts #110 --  Warren Ellis takes over.  I was prepared to not like it, but it's not bad.  In the wake of Zemo's disappearance, the US government has taken over the Thunderbolts and turned them into a group of former supervillains earning their freedom by tracking down and capturing superhumans who refuse to register with the government.  New members being rehabilitated this way include the Green Goblin, Venom and Bullseye.  So basically they've taken the old Thunderbolts and combined it with DC's Suicide Squad.  Since I liked Suicide Squad, I'll give this a chance...
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