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OK, it's kind of a resolution

I pledged a while ago to post every day, and I have pretty much kept up with that, but lately some of the posts have been cheats, just a picture.  And then I was reading a friend's journal (sorry, I forgot who) and he had done an end-of-the-year post about all the movies he saw in 2006 (in theaters and on DVD).  And how did he remember them all?  Because he had mentioned them all (at least in passing) in his journal thruout the year..

So I think I'll do that too.  Don't know If I'll do a year-end wrap-up, but why not give mini-reviews to everything I see this year?

So what have I seen this year so far?  Well, this weekend we watched Over The Hedge at my parents'.  I'd heard good things about the movie and was disappointed to find out it was nothing special, just another computer-animated film about talking animals.  The social commentary about suburbia was amusing but not biting at all (but I did enjoy Ben Folds's songs when I heard them without distractions during the credits).  And the whole theme of making a family out of a motley group of misfits has been handled better in various Disney films (like Lilo & Stitch) -- here it was just clumsy.  I'm glad I didn't buy the DVD as I had been planning to.

I also saw Walk the Line, but I was doing other things while watching it and can't really give it a fair shake.  I did really enjoy Joaquin Phoenix's performance, and Reese Witherspoon too...

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