ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Thursday

I'm back from my travels -- New York was great!  I want to move there now and get a job in interior demolitiion...

So I picked up the comics from last Thursday today, and this is what I got:

52 Week Thirty-Four
Heroes for Hire #5  -- This comics is lots of fun, so now I am no longer just trying it out -- it is officially on my list.
Justice League of America #5 -- Still in try-out period.  It has its moments, but its so slow!  Ask me again when the first story is over (should be in a year or two)...
Supergirl #13 -- Bought this because it concludes the story from #11 (with the "mermaid").  I don't think I'll ever have to pick up another issue again...
Teen Titans Go! #36 -- Art by Chynna Clugston!  And she gets to draw lots of '60s fashion, because the villain is the Mad Mod!

This week's cheap back issue:

The Spirit #1 -- OK, so it's only a week or two old.  Picked it up because of all the positive reviews.  It's good, but not great.  Love the art.

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