ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

I picked up these comics yesterday:

52 Week Twenty-Eight
Battle Pope #11 -- a Christmas cover and a story featuring a Jesus vs. Santa fistfight!
Betty & Veronica #222 -- a Christmas cover and stories (including one with the Sugar Plum Fairy)!
The Escapists #5
(Walt Disney's) Mickey Mouse and Friends #295 -- a Christmas cover and stories!  And it's the last issue :-(

And I picked up some more of those 50¢ back issues:

Archie at Riverdale High #29
Archie at Riverdale High #88
Archie Giant Series Magazine # 236 (Betty & Veronica Summer Fun)
Richie Rich #237
Richie Rich Millions #68
(Walt Disney) Super Goof #52

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