ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Our Halloween weekend

Saturday we drove out to my brother's in Flagler, CO for the annual pumpkin carving!  On the way, I stopped at the comic book store and got this:

Secret Six #5 -- It's been trendy to give super-heroes "problems," and that OK.  But if super-heroes have bad luck, strained inter-personal relationships and mental illness, imagine how much worse it must be for the super-villains!  I will have to write more about this when it is completed...

So we went and visited the brother and the sister-in-law and the two nieces and then some more of their friends with children came over and it was a hose full of toddlers and pumpkins and it was a blast.  I will post a picture of my Jughead pumpkin soon, I promise...

Today we had breakfast and hung out and drove back to Denver and stopped by the Collectors Supershow (with special added Majesticon Comics Supershow).  I got these old comics, plus some Casper the Friendly Ghost books and other misc. stuff:

Swing with Scooter #12
Swing with Scooter #20
Richie Rich and his Girl Friends #1

Then we were supposed to go to another pumpkin carving at a friend-of-a-friend's in Boulder, but the friends we were going to go with backed out, and it would be weird of us to just go ourselves -- because we weren't actually invited. So we came home...

And now I've been wasting time looking for a picture of Ariel on Halloween that I know I have somewhere, but I can't find anywhere.  I was going to post it here, but "oh, well"...

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