ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

More Mermaids in the news

The Miss World pageant will be in Warsaw this year, and since Warsaw's symbol is a mermaid, they thought they should have a mermaid on the Miss World poster.  But when the Warsaw city government saw the mermaid has one bare breast, they went wild and asked for a little censorship.  Here's the censored poster:

Miss World 2007 poster

The white sash was added to cover the offensive mer-titty.  Here's a news story that plays up the irony that Warsaw's actual mermaid symbol is fully bare-breasted (as can be seen here, in a nice article that also explains why Warsaw's symbol is a mermaid).

But what I find more ironic is everyone is worried about a bare breast when the mermaid's scales start dangerously low on her hips, so low you can almost see her minge.  Who's going to protect us from that, huh?

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