ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Buying toys with my bonus

My company paid out the quarterly bonuses last week, so I went out today to buy the Beatrice doll I had seen at Plastic Chapel.  They didn't have it any more, but they did have this cool Juniko Mizuno vampire/nurse figure, so I bought it instead. (I got the purple one.)

I was also shopping for Beth's birthday, and that brought me to Tower Records where they had Beatrice!  So I end up with both, which is OK because it was bonus money after all...

NOTE: I totally would have posted this yesterday, but then Beth told me The Aristocrats was on HBO, and we had to watch that.  So I'm late with my daily post... but I got to see what a potty-mouth Bob Saget is, so I don't feel that bad...
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