ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Another Hawai'i picture

Here's another Hawai'i picture, this time one I had on my website for a while, years ago.

It is Stacy Kamano as Kekoa Tanaka from Baywatch Hawai'i.  I never watched Baywatch, but for some reason I was addicted to Baywatch Hawai'i, even though it was the exact same show -- except in Hawai'i instead of California.

Stacy was my favorite actress from the show.  She hasn't appeared in anything much since Baywatch Hawai'i ended, probably because she stayed in her native Hawai'i (to continue working as a model) instead of moving to Hollywood to find a new show.  Perhaps she'll show up in Lost...

Stacy used to have her own website, but as you can see it is gone now.  This one seems to be semi-official...
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