ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

A tale of good luck

So, I had bought tickets for the Frontier Days rodeo for the whole family on-line.  I had bought them kinda late, and I couldn't get 8 tickets in the big grandstand which is where we really wanted to sit, so I had to settle for the east stands, which are a better view of the chutes, but they are hotter and more remote from the midway and not what we wanted.

So I picked up my tickets at willcall on Saturday, and didn't even pay any attention until it was time to go to our seats -- I had been given 8 seats in the main grandstand!  It must have purely been a mistake on their part -- they wouldn't have said "This Shad guy sounds nice, lets give him thes 8 seats that just opened up in the main grandstand" because there is no way they could have known I'd rather be there (plenty of people prefer the east stands).  It's just a mistake in my favor... the fates were kind to me Saturday, I guess.
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