ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Halloween is coming...

Tags: b gcd, boots, cake, devil girls, halloween, skulls, stockings, vampires, wings

Posts from This Journal “halloween” Tag

  • Halloween Wrapup

    The number of trick-or-treaters was up this year, to 49! A good recovery from last year. They were all early; we didn't have any after 7:45 PM.…

  • Happy Halloween!

    Every day this month, I've been posting a #Halloween comic book cover, and now we're at the end! Enjoy! Zombie Tramp Halloween Special…

  • 1 Day to Halloween!

    Every day this month, I'll be posting a #Halloween comic book cover! Enjoy! Grimm Fairy Tales 2015 Halloween Special #1 (2015) All covers…

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