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Sports Nutrition in the 1970s, Part 2

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TV Shows I Am Watching

People always ask (especially these days) "What TV shows are you watching?" And I can never remember. So I'm making a list here, probably more for my benefit than yours...

Cougar Town (just the early episodes I hadn't already seen)
Law & Order: Organized Crime
Legends of Tomorrow
Milo Murphy's Law
Resident Alien
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

I was actually watching a lot more a month ago, but I finished them/they ended...

Milo Murphy's Law - Autumn Garden Fanart by Byrpheros
From Byrpheros on DeviantArt

I will probably keep this updated.

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Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
4 Girlfriends 2
Anaki vol 1
Eerie Cuties: Sisters
Flying Tigers 5
Pumped and Ready to Send: A Dilbert Book of Postcards
Red Sonja: The Superpowers 4
Red Sonja: The Superpowers 5 cover b
Science Is Magic 3
Science Is Magic 4
Starring Sonya Devereaux: The Complete Movie Collection vol 1
Vampire Bloodlines 1
Vampire Bloodlines 2
Vampirella: The Dark Powers 4
Vampirella: The Dark Powers 5
Zii and the Troublemakers

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National Postcard Week: May 2-8 2021: Frozen Dead Guy Days 2017 postcards

Day four of #NationalPostcardWeek!

More of the "instant" postcards from Frozen Dead Guy Days, this time from 2017. When we went in 2018, they weren't doing the postcards that year, and we skipped 2019, and they skipped 2020 and 2021!

Note that these are all from the parade. I didn't see postcards from any later events, but maybe we didn't wait long enough...
Frozen Dead Guy Days 2017 05

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2017 03

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2017 04

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2017 02

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2017 01

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Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
Delta Tenn 1
Disney Mickey Mouse 4
Disney·Pixar Toy Story 4
Disney Princess 4
Disney Princess: Beyond the Extraordinary
E.V.E. Protomecha 6
W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novels vol 23

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National Postcard Week: May 2-8 2021: West Colfax Motels

It's National Postcard Week again, and Day 1 is almost over! So quickly, here's some postcards of motels on West Colfax Avenue in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado.

These two motels are long gone...
Max Mosko's Motel
Max Mosko's Motel

Idlewild Motel
Idlewild Motel

This one is still standing, almost unchanged I thought, but Google is telling me it is permently closed now, so it probably won't stand much longer.
Stonewall Motel
Stonewall Motel

These were the bar and restaurant at a huge four-story hotel/motel. It was converted to senior apartments years ago, and has recently been re-converted into condos! The bar and restaurant space is currently vacant.
Four Winds Motel
Four Winds Motel

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Happy Lingerie Day!

Today, April 24, is National Lingerie Day! I know that last year I said April 25 was Lingerie Day, but if you do a quick Google you can find plenty of support for both dates. I'm going with the 24th because that's what National Sexy Holidays says, and they should know!

Lingerie Day 02

Lingerie Day 03

Lingerie Day 04

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Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
Ashley Dust 2
Dead Divas 5
Exciting Comics 8 (76)
Exciting Comics 9 (78)
Honk and Freands
Maestro: War and Pax 3 jimenez
Patriotika United 2
Patriotika United 3
Raya and the Last Dragon: The Graphic Novel
Red Sonja: The Superpowers 3
Sensational Wonder Woman 2 redondo
W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel vol 22

Ariel Union

Sports Nutrition in the 1970s

Ariel Union

Happy Cereal Day!

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