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Mermaid Monday: Portugal

Portugal TWA mermaid
From Fine Art America
By David Klein

Happy Boxing Day from Pennsylvania!

Rikki, Beastie, and Carrie (shared)

A free short story. Merry Christmas!

Originally posted by grrm at Rikki, Beastie, and Carrie
We've got a cool Christmas treat today for Wild Cards fans.

There's a brand new Wild Cards story up today on Tor.com. The title is "The Thing About Growing Up in Jokertown." It's from Carrie Vaughn, and it features two of your favorite Fort Freak beat cops, Rikki Michaelson and Beastie Bester, back when they were teenagers, long before they joined the force.

The cover is another cool one from John Picacio.

You can find it here:


Like all the fiction on Tor.com, you can read it for FREE. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Holly girl

Christmas miscellany...

Kong Kylie #52/1954
Kong Kylie #52/1954

I'm not doing the Christmas Comic Book Cover Countdown this year, but here's one cover that I wanted to share. If you're looking for more Christmas comic book covers, check out these blogs:
Also, if anybody is looking for my Amazon Wish List, here it is: http://a.co/0ycBzfZ

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Christmas Starfire Cosplay!

Mermaid Monday: Manilla Christmas mermaids

Christmas Card Clamor!

It's time again to start thinking about Christmas cards! So, here's the annual question: Would anyone out there in the online world like to get a Christmas card (most likely a postcard) from me? Just comment with your address if you are interested! (Comments are screened, so only I can see them.)

Mermaid Christmas Card

Oh, and if we've exchanged cards in the recent past, you are already on my list and don't need to respond to this (but you can if you want). That includes sinicallytwsted, dessieoctavia and beachbum_midget!

Mermaid Christmas by MermaidWars

Tomorrow's wallpaper

2016 Convention Schedule Update

A convention that happening today, right now (I only found out about it yesterday)! Put it on the local convention list...

Not Attending:

  • Chromic Con (November 19): The dual comics and marajuana convention! Not my scene, man...

Here's some cosplay from Rocky Mountain Con 2016: Gazelle by Bera Cuda!
Gazelle by Bera Cuda

Tomorrow's wallpaper

post (shared)

Originally posted by la_fleur_morte at post
ноябрь? не, не слышали.

Here in Colorado we finally got snow, but in Israel it's still bikini weather!

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Countdown to Halloween

I will be participating in the Countdown to Halloween in October!

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