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National Watermelon Day ~ August 3

National Watermelon Day ~ August 3

Get ready for the Happiest Day of the year, National Watermelon Day! And the fun doesn't stop at the country's borders. People of the world, lay down your burdens, prejudices, and woes on August 3. Celebrate our shared love of The Fruits of Summer... the watermelon!!

How do you plan to celebrate?

Any way you slice it, we love National Watermelon Day!!


Posted by Shad Daly on 3 Aug 2017, 12:36

Hooten & the Lady Monday

There was a surprise episode of Hooten last night. These summer series are tricky that way!
Ophelia Lovibond 02
Monday's episode: "Bhutan"

Tomorrow's wallpaper

2017 Convention Schedule Updated

Here's a update to my list of local comic/science-fiction/anime/etc. conventions in the Colorado area in (what's left of) 2017. One more has been added, and there was confirmation that there won't be a Running of the Leaves this year...

Koelbel Con
July 30

Myths and Legends Con
August 4-6

Colorado Springs Comic Con
August 25-27
Not Attending

Fort Collins Comic Con
August 26-27
Not Attending

Nan Desu Kan
September 1-3

September 28-October 1
Not Attending

Rocky Mountain Con
September 30-October 2

Denver Retro Con
October 15

MileHiCon 49
October 27-29

November 10-12

Chromic Con
November 18
Not Attending

Also, here are cons that are probably going to return this year, but have not announced their dates...

Colorado Cosmic Comic Con

As always, I end with a cosplay photo. This time, it's Cara Nichole as steampunk Supergirl, from Cheyenne Comic Con 2017!
Steampunk Supergirl by Cara Nichole at Cheyenne Comic Con 2017

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Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
Al Jaffee Meets His End
Disney Princess #11

Ariel cosplay from Cheyenne Comic Con 2017

Pictures I took at Cheyenne Comic Con back in May. There always seems to be Ariels at conventions!

May 13, 2017
Ariel cosplay from Cheyenne Comic Con 2017 #1

May 14, 2017
Ariel cosplay from Cheyenne Comic Con 2017 #2

Ariel cosplay from Cheyenne Comic Con 2017 #3

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Mermaid Monday: Ariel

Last year, on my birthday, artist Celina Hernandez posted this video of her drawing a Charlie Brown picture for someone's birthday. Welli, I happened to mention that it was my birthday too, so I would consider the video as a present for me. She saw that, and sent me my own Charlie Brown and Snoopy birthday drawing! How cool is that!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy by Celina Hernandez

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Recent cover scans I added to GCD:
Heaven Forbid! vol 1 Not Getting Religion!

Mermaid Monday: Arbormix vol. 6 by Mister V

I'm a member of the Mister V Fan Club, so he sends me a mix CD for my birthday every year, with a hand-drawn cover. Here's the one I got last year. Poor Ariel!

Tomorrow's wallpaper

Countdown to Halloween

I will be participating in the Countdown to Halloween in October!

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